There's a reason why brides will spend thousands of dollars for premium quality pictures of their wedding. Why is it then that some realtors will take pictures themselves with a $150 camera when hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake? Most realtors are capable of using a point and shoot camera to take pictures of their listings. The problem is that most cameras aren't wide enough, produce enough light and/or can't produce pictures with enough quality to properly market a home.

So why not hire a professional to take pictures of your listings? By hiring a professional, you get top-of-the-line photography so you can focus more time and energy into marketing and selling the home and less time editing pictures. My goal is to let you focus more on selling and less on getting ready to sell.

Take the two pictures below as an example. The picture on the left was taken by the realtor. While not a terrible picture, it doesn't draw prospective buyers in to the two main features of the bonus room: the brick fireplace and the vaulted ceiling. The buyer is drawn to an outdated couch and saucer chair, not to mention how dark the room looks even though windows or glass doors are on every wall. The picture on the right was taken by me. By shifting the camera to the corner, using a digital SLR camera with a wide angle lens and multiple off-camera flashes, the room appears as bright as it really is and buyers are drawn to the wood burning, brick fireplace and vaulted ceiling.

While professional pictures don't guarantee a quick sale, high-quality pictures will catch the attention of buyers that overwhelmingly begin their house search online. Don't lose potential buyers because pictures aren't a priority.
Let me help you better market your clients' homes!!

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